Course Rationale: This area of instruction addresses the technology knowledge and skills required of students entering the workplace. The demand will continue to expand as businesses utilize multimedia functions including graphics, audio, video, web page design and maintenance, and electronic presentation skills. Basically, shoot video, make movies, audio editing, . . . enough said!


Current Assignment

  1. Video Assignments

  2. Podcast Assignments

  3. Missouri Rural Watershed Association Video Contest - Assignment -
    100 pts possible/15 points for story board Instructions Web, PDF
    Assignment for

iLife Suite

We will work on the iLife Suite together, but you will also be required to go through three tutorials on the Custom Guide Learn on Demand web site. You will log in with the e-mail address and password that is assigned to you. You will complete the following assignments in this order:

  1. Mac iPhoto
  2. Mac iTunes 2
  3. Mac iMovie 3 & 4


You will learn to import events, change event titles, and edit pictures.


You will learn to load music, create your own music list and burn CD's.

Garage Band

Sound/Video Effect Links


You will learn the basics of iMovie, how to share your movie with iDVD and create a finished movie in DVD.

Filming Techniques Guide Sheet PDF Assignment for

Project 1 Introduction to iMovie Assignment for

Project 1.1 - Learning to import and edit videos Assignment for

Project 1.5 - Learning to use the Camcorder - Select favorite TV actor, actress, singer, artist or sports star. Assignment for

You are to reload your video (load into Final Cut Pro) from the video cameras and start editing them again. Be sure and follow the guidelines as previously assigned.

Project 1.6 - Learning to use iMovie 2011 Assignment for

Project 1.7 Childrens Book PDF Assignment for

Project 2 iMovie - Political Advertisement Assignment for

Project 2.5 iMovie - Make it Happen Assignment for

Project 3 iMovie - Silent Movie Assignment for

Project 4 iMovie - Fabulous Fight Scene PDF

Project 5 iMovie - Lip Sinc Montage -You will be working with your group on this assignment. When you are not working with your group,
you should be working on your magazine cover.
Officially Assigned

Project 6 iMovie - Memory DVD - Includes PowerPoint slides converted to JPEG's. Assignment for

Project 7 iMovie or FinalCut Pro - Silent Movie Assignment for

Project 8 Final Cut Pro - Documentary PDF Assignment for

Project 9 Christmas Card or Intro Assignment for


Steps to Share/Export a Podcast

After you have successfully completed your podcast you are to:

  1. Select Share on the Menu bar
  2. Select Export Podcast to Disk
  3. Make sure it says Compress Using MP3 Encoder
  4. Select Export
  5. You are to Export to your Documents folder and into your Podcast folder
  6. Make sure you have saved your Podcast with the proper file name (check your assignment instructions)
  7. After you have successfully exported your Podcast you are to copy it into the Public/Podcast 2010 folder so I have access to it.

Video Production