Innovators in Computers
Keyboarding Scavenger Hunt

Answer each of the following questions in full sentences on your own sheet of paper. Use the link after the question to find the answer. Turn in to Mrs. Rucker when you are finished.

  1. Who developed the first personal computer called the altair?
  2. Who invented the first apple computer?
  3. What did Marcian "Ted" Hoff invent?
  4. What are 3 things that Doug Engelbart has invented to help make computers easier  to use?
  5. What language did Tim Berners-Lee create in 1990?
  6. At what age did Bill Gates become interested in computing?
  7. Who invented the typewriter?
  8. What was the name of the first video game and when was it invented?
  9. Who invented CD's?
  10. THINK ABOUT IT: In your journal, Write a 5 sentence paragraph about who you think made the greatest contribution to computing? Support your answer. (Answers must be written in complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and must be legible)