Description: This two semester course will teach students how to use Adobe Photoshop to create images, enable students to create vector images and logos using Adobe Illustrator, perform audio editing using GarageBand, apply basic non-linear video editing techniques using iMovie, and prepare video for online distribution.

Course Syllabus: PDF

Student Assignments

Assignments will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom.

Storyboard PDF


  1. First Song Mix - 30 Seconds Link
  2. Learning to Podcast Link


  1. My Intro Link Assigned
  2. Short Intro Link Assigned
  3. Movie FBLA Spirit Clothes Info Assigned
  4. Multi-Media Electronic Portfolio Assignment Info Assigned
  5. Movie GreenScreen Project - My Week In 3 Words Info Assigned
  6. Movie Science Lab "How To" Project - Info Assigned
  7. Movie Make It Happen - Info Assigned
  8. Movie Lip-Sync Project - 15 Seconds minimum Info Assigned
  9. Movie Top 10 Christmas Wish List - Info Assigned
  10. Christmas Card - Info Assigned

Final Cut Pro X

  1. Moviola Fundamentals Tutorials Link


Student Videos Link