iMovie - FBLA Spirit Clothes Video

You will create a video promoting the FBLA spirit clothes fundraiser. You can either take a serious or fun approach to the video. You will be required to use a picture of each item that is for sale. Images are found in:

  1. (5 pts) Create a new Event called FBLA_Spirit_Clothes
  2. (5 pts) Create a New Movie with No Theme. Name it iMovie_spirit_clothes_YourName and select the FBLA_Spirit_Clothes event.
  3. (50 pts, 5 pts for each picture) You are to include at least 10 pictures of the spirit clothes.
    You will need to import the pictures you need into iPhoto if you have not already done so.
  4. (25 pts, 5 pts for each title) You are to include text Title on your slides.
  5. (10 pts) You are to include music and or sound effects. Bring in a song or use a song you already have loaded on your computer.
  6. (5 pts) You need to have an ending slide that says "This video was created by: Your Name". Be creative with it.
  7. (10 pts) Video is to be atleast 30 seconds.
  8. (10 pts) When the project is completed, share the movie to:
    • AAPublic
    • AA_Multi-Media_2016-2017
    • iMovie_2017
    • iMovie_Spirit_Clothes_2016
  9. VIDEO IS DUE BY 10-3-16