Student Portfolios

Class of 2019 Photoshop Portfolios

Evan Dalton Morgan Sidney Ciera

Class of 2018 Photoshop Portfolios

Jacob Dalton C. Chandler Terryn Lanie
Colton G. Aleeya Alex Blane Joe
Sam Derick      

Class of 2017 Webpage Design Portfolios

Cooper Brown Luke Churan Caitlyn Heckman    

Class of 2017 Photoshop Portfolios

Lilly Luke Chris Joey Caitlyn
Zane H. Jadyn Josie Brody Hank

Class of 2017 E-Portfolios

Lilly E-Portfolio Luke E-Portfolio Colton Green E-Portfolio Caitlyn E-Portfolio Jadyn E-Portfolio
Josie E-Portfolio Brody E-Portfolio Henry E-Portfolio Chris E-Portfolio Lyndsey E-Portfolio
Abbey E-Portfolio        

Class of 2016

Ammie -
Ammie 2015
Dalton Echo Heather Johnathen
Levi Marti Max Melisa Ryan
Zane K. Zane K E-Portfolio Chase E-Portfolio    

Class of 2015

Colton Bobbi Jacob C. Chloe Madi 2015

Class of 2014

Lacey R        

Project Goals:
What I Learned:
Specific Tools Used:
Liked/Didn't Like:

Reflection Requirements