Getting started with Photoshop: You are to create a series of folders in your documents folder on the Mac side of your computer. The format of the folders should be as follows:

  1. Electronic Portfolio Assignment Info
  2. Assignment Link
  3. American Education Week - Teacher Appreciation Sign Link
  4. Christmas Card Project Link
  5. Comic Book Assignment Link
  6. Book Cover Assignment Link

Photoshop Animation

Animated GIF in Photoshop- The Rocket! Link -

Photoshop Easter Activities -

  1. 3rd Hour Computer Apps/7th Hour Multi-Media: How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit (Exclusive Tutorial)
  2. 4th Hour Photoshop Class - Assignment for April 1 - Choose from one of the following according to how challenged you want to be:
    • Create a Face of a Goofy Bunny Link Intermediate
    • Draw An Easter Egg In Photoshop Link More Challenging

Photoshop Reviews - For Final

Photoshop Text Review Link

Photoshop Study Guide Link

Photoshop FINAL Performance Exam Link