Comic Book Assignment

100 points possible

Step 1: Finding a black and white Comic Book Character Coloring Page

Step 2: Creating the New Document:

Step 3: The "Outline" Layer - Fill in all outlines with the brush or pen tool. You decide which.

Step 4: Coloring the Character

Step 5: Coloring the Outline

Step 6: Add a picture of you interacting with the cartoon character. Mrs. Rucker will gladly take your picture.

Step 7: Adding a Background and Final Touches. You are to create a background. Do not just put a picture in the background. You make it from scratch.

Step 8: To complete your project, use the text tool and add your name in a font and color that compliments the picture.

Step 9: After the teacher checks your assignment, you will print and display your picture in the hall.

Step 10: Submit your comic book page to your Google Classroom assignment for grading as

Comic Book Sample