iMovie - Short Intro Video

Worth A LOT of points!!

You will be completing a short project in iMovie in order to review some of the techniques you have learned.

When you get more familiar with iMovie, you will be required to complete a written story board about your project. You must always start with a game plan before you create your project, it will turn out much better and more organized if you do. However, we are simply learning about the iLife suite (iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie) right now, so we are just going to create for the fun of learning. Let's get started!

  1. (5 pts) Create a new Event called short_intro
  2. (5 pts) Create a New Movie with No Theme. Name it iMovie_short_intro_YourName and select the short_intro event.
  3. (50 pts, 5 pts for each picture) You are to include at least 10 pictures of you, or you with your friends using pictures from the yearbook file. You can use one or two pictures from Photobooth. You will need to import the pictures you need into iPhoto if you have not already done so.
  4. Put some effort in this, do not just pick pictures at random. Make sure the pictures flow and are about you. To insert the photo into your movie, you drag the photo from the event up into the movie where you want it placed.
  5. (25 pts, 5 pts for each title) You are to include text Title on your slides.
    You must have it on at least five slides, you can have it on more.
    Drag and drop the title over the picture you want it to be on.
  6. (24 pts, 2 pts for each transition) You are to include Transitions for every picture. Do this last.
    Drag and drop the transition in between the photos or video and photo.
  7. (10 pts) You are to include music and or sound effects. Bring in a song or use a song you already have loaded on your computer.
  8. (5 pts) You need to have an ending slide that says "This video was created by: Your Name". Be creative with it.
  9. (10 pts) Video is to between 1.5 to 2 minutes. NO MORE-NO LESS
  10. (10 pts) When the project is completed, share the movie to the AAPublic folder, into the folder called AA_Multi-Media_2018-2019/iMovie_2019/iMovie_short_intro_YourName_2019.

Have fun and be creative with this assignment. We are learning iLife suite together. So be as adventurous as you can be while having good, clean fun! You will be graded on your quality of work. Do not just throw something together