Make it Happen

Basic Video Editing

This will be an editing project for this class. You will film your own footage of some sort of action occurring. It could be something simple, like someone devouring some wonderful candy bar or more complex, like someone playing basketball. Props are allowed, but be sure props are school appropriate (no hats, face coverings, weapon like items, etc.). You should storyboard out your entire shot list, which should be (edited) exactly 30 seconds. Below are the requirements and point values.


  1. Shoot the entire sequence, from beginning to end, so that you know it will be 30 seconds in length. Allow a little bit of time before and after the shot, since you can edit those out.
  2. Shoot a second time, but this time focus on the camera on different areas for different parts.
  3. Film various cutaways that go with the action as the last thing, but think about continuity when filming be sure it matches the previously filmed footage! (if you land on the left foot in the full sequence, be sure you land on left when you film the cutaway)
Points Possible
Points Deducted
Finished sequence is 30 seconds in length, exactly
Fade in and fade out video at beginning and end
Use audio music (instrumental) for effect it should help draw attention to the action, climax, or feeling of the shot; be sure it does not end abruptly (fade in or out if needed)
Use at least one sound effect; list it here and where it is used
Sounds are normalized (not too loud, use garage band as needed)
Use of at least 5 different camera angles/shots and a camera pan or tilt
Use of at least 3 cutaway shots that are away from the immediate action but flow; continuity is important
Quality of editing (no glitches, jumps, or gaps)
Approved storyboard required prior to editing and must be included with this paper when you turn it in!

Members of my team are:  
My action/activity is:  
My actor(s) is/are:  
My props needed are:  
My sound effect/song is:  
My location for the shot will be:  
**Eport finished video to the AA_Public folder/AA_Multi-Media_2015-2016/
export file (File>Share>Export Movie>Large)