iMovie - Christmas Wish List

You are to create your Top 10 Christmas Wish List in iMovie. 189 Points Possible

  1. (5 pts) Create a new Event called Christmas_Wishlist_2016
  2. (5 pts) Create a New Movie with No Theme. Name it Christmas_Wishlist_2016_YourName and select the Christmas_Wishlist_2016 event.
  3. (10 pts) Introduction Slide - Title, Name, Date, Hour of class
  4. (50 pts, 5 pts for each picture) You are to include 10 pictures of items you "wish" you could get for Christmas.
  5. (60 pts, 3 pts for each price) Each items should have two prices- highlight the store and price you would actually buy the item from.
  6. (24 pts, 2 pts for each transition) You are to include Transitions for every picture. Do this last.
    Drag and drop the transition in between the photos or video and photo.
  7. (10 pts) You are to include music and or sound effects. Bring in a song or use a song you already have loaded on your computer.
  8. (5 pts) You need to have an ending slide that says "This video was created by: Your Name". Be creative with it.
  9. (10 pts) Video is to between 1.5 to 2 minutes. NO MORE-NO LESS
  10. (10 pts) When the project is completed, share the movie to:
    • Students
    • AA_Public
    • AA_Multi-Media_2016-2017
    • iMovie_2017
    • 2016_iMovieChristmas_Wishlist

There are Christmas greenscreen background video in the:

Have fun and be creative with this assignment. Be as adventurous as you can be while having good, clean fun! You will be graded on your quality of work. Do not just throw something together. :-)