Favorite Person Web Site

You are going to create a web site about your favorite person. This can be your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent, sibling, etc. The following is required:
At least 4 pages with quality information
  1. Page 1 – (index) Introduction to person (name, birthday, basic facts) – Include a photo and an unordered list
  2. Page 2 – (biography) Include a brief biography of your person (where they grew up and went to school, who their parents are, siblings, important events in their life, plans for the future) This should be at least 3 paragraphs!
  3. Page 3 – (favorites) Your favorite persons favorite things – Put in a table – Include at least 10 favorites (movies, food, color, sports team, etc)
  4. Page 4 – (facts) A form that quizzes people about your favorite person – You must have at least 5 questions with radio buttons, checkboxes, and a textbox.

Each page should link to every other page

Creation – use DIV tags. Set up like you did the Pat’s Pizza Project steps 1-22. You should name your site Yournames Favorite Person.

Sample Sites:      
Aleeya Favorite Brody Favorite Joe Favorite  
Colton's Favorite Jacob's Favorite Bobbi's Favorites Chloe's Favorite

The scoring guide below will be used to grade your site.


Requirement Points Possible
Page 1 with basic facts. Save as index.html 15
Photo on Page 1 5
Unordered list on Page 1 5
Page 2 with biography Save as biography.html 15
Page 3 with favorite things in table Save as favorites.html 25
Page 4 with facts Save as facts.html 25
Link to every page from every page 10
Total 100