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Menu/Meal Prices

Breakfast = School Success

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

All meals are served with milk.
Menus are subject to change.

Meal Prices (approved July, 2022) Are: Breakfast Lunch
Students, PK through 6th grade
1.60 2.25
Students, 7th through 12th grade
1.60 2.50
Reduced - Students, PK through 12th grade
0.30 0.50
Adults, staff & guests
2.50 3.60
Guest child, 0 through 6th grade
1.60 2.25
Guest child, 7th – 12th grade
1.60 2.50
Milk or Juice (without a school meal)
0.35 0.35

FREE AND REDUCED PRICE FOOD SERVICES – Eligible students, as determined by appropriate school officials based on guidelines established under the national school lunch program, will be provided nutritionally acceptable meals, snacks & milk at no cost or at a reduced cost if they are unable to pay the regular price. We encourage preschool through 12th grade students to apply for the free and reduced meal program.

The criteria for determining a student's need and the procedures for securing "no cost" and "reduced cost" meals for the student will be outlined and made known each year by the Board of Education. The criteria and procedures are established at the state/federal level. The above quoted reduced prices are subject to change pending notification from the State Department. The free and reduced lunch application Form D will be provided on a yearly basis with the enrollment packets.

The students who participate in "no cost" or "reduced cost" meals will not be distinguished in any way from students who pay the regular price. Their names will not be made known to any person except such staff members as needed to make the special arrangements for the students.

The price of reduced lunches is $0.40 for all students in grades Pre-K through 12 which include one carton of milk and one carton of juice. The price of reduced breakfasts is $0.30 for all students in grades Pre-K through 12 which also includes one carton of milk and one carton of juice. Milk or juice purchased without a school meal cost $0.25. Second meal servings are also offered with the same stipulation as with full-price meals mentioned above.

The cafeteria will be in operation the first day of school and each day thereafter to serve breakfast and lunch to all students, staff members and guests.

Each meal includes two drinks (specifically, one milk, and one juice). Students are not allowed to drink soda pop or tea with their meals, even if brought in their lunch from home. At no time is food to be taken out of the cafeteria without prior permission from the administration. No food will be allowed in classrooms, hallways, or lockers without prior permission from the administration. Lunch boxes are acceptable. No drinks other than water that is in a clear container will be allowed during the school day.

A closed lunch hour is in effect and students will be required to remain in the school building.

A notice will be sent home every two weeks to the parents/guardians of those students who owe money for lunch and breakfast. Each student will be allowed to charge up to $100.00. After $100.00 no charges will be accepted. The student will be provided a peanut butter sandwich and one carton of milk until payment has been received.

Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs changed last school year. We now serve more fruits, vegetables and whole grain items. We cut back and did away with minimal nutrition items such as dessert items. The guidelines we must follow changed in order for students to make healthier and more nutritious foods choices. The guidelines state we must serve them larger quantities and more variety of fruits and vegetables. Their milk choices are also lower in fat. We now offer 1% white milk, fat free chocolate milk and all juices must be 100% juice. We serve more whole grain items such as wheat pastas and tortillas. All cereals, bread, buns and chips are also whole grain. There are guidelines we must follow. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

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