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Special Honors 2018

"Celebrating the success of our Students"

2017-2018 T-A's Football Homecoming Royalty: Queen, Satara Bassett & King, Derick Rucker

Annual Royalty: Terryn Dodson & Derick Rucker

Art Contest Winners
Dalton Hoover -2nd Place
Dalton Coldiron- 1st Place and Best of Category
Hannah Colliver- 2nd Place
Khloey Forst- 2nd Place
Sidney McWilliams- Best of Category and 1st Place
Ciera Murphy- 1st Place
Terryn Dodson- Best of Show
Tucker Brown- 1st Place

Basketball Honors:

Basketball Post Season Honors:

KMZU Basketball Dreamteam

Barnwarming Royalty: Freshman Morgan Brockmeier & Hunter Colliver

Cheerleading: n/a

FBLA District 19 Leadership Contest Winners:

The following students "Brought Home the Gold "qualifying for state by placing FIRST in their PERFORMANCE or PRODUCTION event:  Terryn Dodson, Graphic Design, Electronic Career Portfolio;  Khloey Forst, Blane Heussner, and Hannah Colliver, Public Service Announcement. 

The following students did an outstanding job placing in the top 5 in their performance or production event: 3rd Place, Morgan Brockmeier, Samantha Rounkles, and Haley Rucker, Broadcast Journalism; 2nd Place, Khloey Forst and Hannah Colliver, Business Ethics; 3rd Place, Jaclyn Hines and Addison Wilson, Introduction to Business Presentation.  

The following students did an excellent job placing in the top 5 in their on-line objective test event qualifying for state: 

4th Place, Aleeya Heussner, Advertising; 4th Place, Terryn Dodson, Business Communications;  1st Place, Joseph Johnson, Networking Concepts; 1st Place, Jacob Ashford, Securities and Investments.

FCCLA State Leadership Conference Results:

FFA State Degree: Terryn Dodson

FFA members who qualified for State

Football: Balazs received Most Improved Player on the Wildcat Football Team


Homecoming Royalty: Khloey Forst, Queen and Samantha Rounkles, Attendant

Math Bee:

Quiz Bowl:

Spirit Week Winners Dec. 11-16


Spelling Bee Winners:


Carroll County Soil & Water District has announced winners of their Annual Poster Contest. We are incredibly proud of all of our winners!
Winners For Our School
(1st - $15) (2nd - $10) (3rd - $5)

Top Winners For Jump Rope For Heart
1st-Grade Winner-

TRACK: Congratulations to all of our TRACK STARS!

Tina-Avalon Students of the Month  
Each month the elementary teachers choose one child from their classroom who is deserving of the title, “Tina-Avalon Student of the Month”. This child is nominated based on displaying excellent character, outstanding behavior, having a positive attitude, displaying good citizenship, being respectful and following our rules and expectations.
This month’s winners are:
Kindergarten: Haddie exhibits responsibility and respect every day that she comes into the classroom. She remembers the importance of making good choices throughout the day as well as making good use of her time when completing activities. I can always count on Haddie to set a good example for the rest of the class.
1st Grade: Brianne Sykes is a student that is great at responsibility. She makes sure that her work is done neatly, her classroom job is done correctly and wants to do well in her reading and writing. Brianne’s homework is always turned in on time. She is a hard worker and doesn’t waste her time. I can count on her to make smart choices when others are not most of the time. Brianne is a true role model when it comes to showing responsibility.
2nd Grade: Swaylor is self-motivated, dependable, and trustworthy. Without being reminded, she completes and turns in all assignments. Swaylor takes her time and works hard. She wants to do well. Swaylor is also a great friend. She isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, if she feels someone is being mistreated. Swaylor also shows kindness by helping her classmates.
3rd Grade: Harrison displays responsibility every day.  He understands that learning is his responsibility.  He pays attention during lessons, shares his thoughts and ideas, and most importantly asks questions if something is confusing.  Harrison takes learning seriously and always tries his best even when things are challenging.  In addition to being responsible for his school work, Harrison takes responsibility for his actions.  When he makes a bad choice, he doesn’t blame others. 
4th Grade: I am nominating Mason Harkins for the Responsibility Student of the Month. This kid has come into class upset because he was unable to fulfill his chores in the morning (because his sister left the cat food in her trunk) and immediately needed to let his mom know that he had not fed them that day. Mason takes his "job" of learning during class very seriously. I can always count on him to be doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Mason has his work done to the best of his ability for me and is always willing to help others if needed. Mason stays focused and determined when presented with a task. He sold hundreds of raffle tickets in an hour's time at the school carnival. Mason is a true model of what it means to be an all-around responsible child.
5th Grade: One particular student comes to mind as being exceptionally responsible. This student is always organized, rarely misses an opportunity to advance their learning through extra hard work, and is very helpful to classmates throughout the day. Things I always enjoy in a responsible student are turning in completed work on time, staying on task without being asked, and seeing when extra little things around the room or in our schedules need done and just taking the initiative to do them and this students does all of these things to the best of their abilities each day. For these reasons, my choice is Lydia Haynes!
6th Grade: This student is very mature and takes the school day very serious. If she doesn't understand something she makes a point to find an answer rather than not finishing the task. She is very focused and the thought of not giving her best is not an option. This student is also very helpful. If asked, she doesn't complain about helping in the classroom or other students. I appreciate her willingness and work ethic, it doesn't go by unnoticed. Congrats Jaksyn Crowe!!

Non-perishable item drive: We raised a total of 3,514 items to help families in our community. 
The winners per grade category: prek-4th: 1st grade 5th-8th: 5th grade 9th-12th: 11th grade Congrats to the winners and thank you all for helping make the drive a success!

Penny Wars:

Dragon Mascot