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Senior Info

Graduation is Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

Class of 2023 Annual Royalty: Jaksyn Crowe and Clay Sturgeon

Seniors Last Day of School: Friday, May 3, 2024

2024 Senior TATTLER: PDF Link

Senior Pictures: Daniels Studio Client Access:

Youtube Links to Senior Videos

Senior Graduation Programs

Senior Tattlers

Most professional composite pictures are provided by Daniels Studio, Hale, MO 2015

All seniors need:

  1. FAFSA Senior Night: March ?? @6:15 FAFSA night for Senior Parents in business room!
  2. Senior Registers: Class registers need to be filled out and returned ASAP for the yearbook. They will be updated on an as needed bases. PDF, Doc
  3. Composite/Sr. Pics: Composites are still needed from all students. Seniors will have their wall composite taken the same day they take their group senior pictures.
  4. Casual Pictures: Casual pictures of each students life is still needed. Seniors just need a variety of pictures, 10-15, that is important to them.
  5. PDA Ad: Mrs. Rucker needs to know if you would like to purchase a Parental Display of Affection Ad for the yearbook. This is completely optional; it is not anything you have to order. However, she would like to know either way. If you would like to purchase a PDA Ad, Mrs. Rucker will need your information, pictures and payment by Friday, November 17. Please send this as soon as possible. All pictures will be scanned and returned to you.
    Parental Display of Affection Order Form PDF
  6. Addresses: We are in the process of preparing the senior edition of the school tattler. In addition to the regular mailing list, we would like to include family and friend of the seniors. Please include these addresses by the December 16 deadline.
  7. All About Me: Needs to be filled out by every senior for the tattle and their senior book.
  8. Cap & Gown Pics: Each senior will need to wear what they would for graduation for these pics because their shirt neck and sleeves will show as well as their legs and shoes. Each student should also be well groomed.

Information Needed, Sending Letter to Senior Parents August 21: The yearbook class is in need of several miscellaneous items, mainly pictures, from the seniors.

    • Senior Parent Letter PDF
    • Parental Display of Affection Order Form PDF
    • Senior Register PDF, Doc
    • All About Me PDF, Doc
    • Hale Horizons Senior Info PDF
    • Constitution Tribune Senior Info PDF

Senior Composites:


Dragon Mascot